Offense: Be Gone! This is Freedom Season

Today I allowed myself to be hurt and offended.

I knew immediately what God was asking me to do.

“Invite me into the broken place. The hurt. The fear. Invite me into the place you need healing. Daughter. You are mine. I love you. Ask. And it is done.”


Often, the place of offense is the point where we need deep healing.

Offense causes us to want to hit back. To want to hurt others where we’ve been hurt. But there can be no offense where there is healing. God is inviting us into a place of stillness with him. The Bible says ‘be still and know’… The original hebrew root for be still is also Let Go.

God is good. All the time.

To all of us. ALL. And he works in each of us. EACH.

He is calling us out of offense and into healing.

The opposite of offense includes words such as joy, pleasing, happiness, love, cheering, pleasure… all life affirming and life giving words for ourselves and others.

This is why it’s time to be free and to walk in freedom! When we are free, others will be free. Can you relate?  

This is freedom season

For ALL of us. We are family. Children of God. We are learning how to be brothers and sisters:

Forgiven & healed!

We are sons & daughters of the same Father. We are called to live powerfully with love and in humility. We are called to allow others the same.

What we are freely given, we freely give!

ALL ♡ Honor God ♡ Honor others ♡ Privately & publicly ♡ Offense has no place in our lives. We are free! 

The time is now. This is Freedom Season!

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