Sometimes, Situations Suck and Why I Left my Toxic Marriage

For the majority of my life, I was told to keep other people’s secrets.

And to keep my own secrets, carefully hidden away.

girl balloon

I refuse to keep secrets any longer.

Secrets hinder growth and make us less human.

It’s o.k. to be real, raw, and vulnerable.

It’s okay to admit that sometimes things suck.

And people suck.

And it’s o.k. to just know that a situation sucks.

Because in the end, the suckiness is what moves us forward.

And sometimes, situations get so bad that we are forced to face the reality of our life staying stuck.


Or, we are given the chance to make a change for ourselves, our family, and for all those in our sphere of influence. We either sink or we climb out of the whirlpool and become the human we are created to be.

WE ARE POWERFUL people, created by the MOST powerful force in the universe. Created in His image, we know we make powerful choices that affect ourselves and others. And at any given moment, we can choose to change our situation. We can choose to grow and move forward. I’m not gonna lie. Change hurts. Growth is hard. But we surround ourselves with cheerleaders and people who believe in us. We know that these people are whispers from heaven into our spirit- A reminder of who we are and who’s we are!

Over a year ago, I finally made one the most powerful decisions I could possibly make for me and my children.

I left an abusive and toxic marriage.

It was the hardest thing I have ever done.

To admit my truth to others is even harder.

But I will no longer keep secrets

because secrets thrive in the dark and there are women who need to hear my story.

Especially in the church.

I was dead for too long, hiding in a cave that kept me wasting away.


I am powerful! I am godlike and very good! I know who my Daddy is and He loves me. And He’s SO okay with me saying things like suck, and bullshit, and so much more that is about to pour out from my soul.

THIS, my friends… is my lioness awakening!

I hope this season is an awakening for you too.

This is freedom season!

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