Finding Love In Confrontation

“He comes in the form of the beggar, of the dissolute human child in ragged clothes, asking for help. He confronts you in every person that you meet. As long as there are people, Christ will walk the earth as your neighbor…”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer


What if, we changed the word He to love in the above quote. What if our entire existence on earth is to become more love daily. To be love. To walk in love. To share love with the world. And what if, we are confronted with our purpose during every chance meeting. Each time we leave our home. Each moment on the street.

Each moment.



Confronted to learn to love better.

Confronted to become the best human we can be.

Confronted because with each confrontation we shed those things we need to shed to be a better human.






Who is my neighbor?

What do I need to shed?

Who do I need to forgive?

What trauma needs to be healed?

What if, we listened to each other? Listened to learn?

Is it possible?

Can humanity finally gather together. At the table. Share a meal. Share stories. Listen.

What might happen?

At the end of our life – What question will truly matter?



Did I learn to love?

Did you learn to love?


Share your thoughts with me in the comments. 

Together we learn. Together we grow. This is community.

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Blogger with a thing for love and hope and grace and adventure. Wrote a Children's Book. Creative. Work in a homeless shelter and treatment facility. Every day I hear the words "I just can't do this anymore" and I remember when I whispered those very words. And I remember hope that whispered through my soul from stories like yours. We all have one. A story. We are more alike than different.

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