Hello! I am Christelle. Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my story!



In the past, I’ve worked in several churches, as a regional women’s ministries director, worked for a seminary, worked in early childhood education, worked as the director of outreach and partnerships for a local non-profit as well as volunteered for several non profits. Currently, I work at a homeless shelter/recovery center.

I’ve written for local and national blogs, serving on the executive team for both. I’ve led workshops and have started and led women’s groups across the nation.

What do I do?

  • I am an ultra experienced online community manager with hours for hire. Let’s grow your brand while building authentic relationships! Contact christelle at christelle lerryn dot com to discuss your company and or non profits specific needs.
  • Virtual Assistant with 20 years of experience!
  • Sponsorships: Advertise your brand using my international network via my website, LIVE shows, and online networks! Contact for possibilities!
  • I speak! Mental Health, Abuse, Hope! I offer creative workshops and healing through contemplation and journaling both online and in person. Let’s create a beautiful experience for you and/or your organization
  • I write! Topics include mental health, abuse, grief, trauma, hope, healing, contemplation, questions. Children’s book due out September 2020 and I look forward to reading it around the globe!
  • I create live shows with important topics and group chats to engage with community after! I’m available to chat with you on your live show and podcast as well!
  • Shop: Going LIVE soon! Stay tuned


I love a good adventure and have shared my local adventures through several social media avenues. I’ve met incredible humans from around my city by attending grand openings, leading small foodie gatherings, attending gathering as a guest, speaking at social media workshops. Adventures have my heart!


You can chat with me on twitter here and invite me to speak at your church, religious gathering, organization, workshop by going here. I love to lead dialogue on hope. Love. And tell my story of overcoming. We all have a story. We are better. Together. Community.

Welcome, to my story. And thank you, for inviting me into yours.