Hello Friends!
We are working hard on several aspects as we create, organize, and set ablaze our brand!
What are we working on right now?
1. We recently launched our online store! Our goal is to unite with our friends, family, community to spread kindness, goodness, love and to give back to organizations that support victims of domestic abuse. You can find our link here. Will you be part of the mission and help spread the word? You can find us on Instagram @loveheroesapparel
2. I continue to interview Friends Worldwide every Monday morning at 8 am, coffee in hand. How beautiful to gather with friends and speak about issues that are close to women’s hearts. We are valuable. We are important. We matter. Now. Where we are. In this moment. Sponsorships help fund this project with goals of a new sound system, lighting, a producer, and marketing. A GIANT thank you to our early sponsors! We are so thrilled to make this a community project.
3. Looking ahead to tell my story of surviving domestic abuse, the journey through healing, and learning a new meaning of hope. I will be making myself available for women’s events, workshops, livestreams, podcasts, and more. Thank you to Patreon sponsors who help make this possible. It is so important that our stories are shared so others know they are not alone. So we know the signs of abuse. To help spread awareness and resources. I look forward to moving forward in this. Join me!
4. My book is launching soon! I just received the last of my illustrations TODAY! Only the cover design is left to be completed! EACK!!! I’m so excited to share a message of love with the world through this beautifully illustrated book! I look forward to meeting up with my illustrator in Scotland when travel restrictions are lifted! We are so excited to read the book together and to spread love globally! 
Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in what we are doing. Thank you for being part of the joy of creating and loving and spreading kindness.
We are community. We are love.
Grateful and Thrilled,
Christelle, Trevor, Jerod, Brandon
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Email: Christelle@ChristelleLerryn.com
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