Hello! I am Christelle. Welcome to my site! First and foremost, my list of favorite things begins with my family and all things San Diego. As a native San Diegan, I have a love for local adventure and I share my adventures on social media.


I love to write and pursue my creative vibe through blogging on my site, guest blogger, and insta-blogging.

As a local foodie, you might run into me at a hidden gem throughout the county. I’ll be the lady with a camera snapping multiple shots of my favorite foods. You can find some of my photos here and throughout the blogosphere. Sometimes, I can be found at a local coffee shop brainstorming social media and branding ideas with local entrepreneurs and non-profits! I love sharing creative ideas with friends! Watch what happens when friends cheer each other on through creative endeavors: It’s PHENOMENAL!


My motto is: Together we learn. Together we grow. Now, let’s explore!


We are all more alike than we are different.

I love collaborations and working with friends on creative endeavors! Contact me through my contact page. Available for collaborations, brand brainstorming sessions, social start up sessions. The box is gone: Let’s create!

We have much to do! Now is the time. Let’s do this!