Love Heroes Apparel™️

Just Launched! A brand that shouts a message of kindness and hope to the universe! A brand that gives back to community. A brand with a story and a vision to dream and do. To create and believe. A brand that invites you to be part of their story. Will you join us in being a Love Hero? For every purchase made, we donate $1 to organizations that support and empower domestic violence survivors and overcomers.

Our Story:

In 2017, I took my boys and very few items (primarily books, pictures, clothes) and fled an abusive marriage. For years, we dreamed of creating our own brand and business. After a period of healing, therapy, and a time of learning to be still, we found ourselves unemployed in the midst of Covid-19. Suddenly, we had all the time in the world to start creating. We hired a designer and began the process of developing our store. With a dream to build and a vision to give back, we finally launched Love Heroes Apparel in July of 2020, exactly 3 years to the month that we started our lives over. Completely.

Our Vision:

To build a brand with a universal message: Love. Kindness. The power of story.

To partner with organizations that support and empower victims of domestic violence.

To empower others to share stories of love. Kindness. Hope. As a means of inspiring others.

Coming Soon:

Partner Organizations that support and empower survivors


Domestic Violence Resources San Diego

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Domestic Abuse Helpline UK

The Recovery Toolkit

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